Chapter 5.07, Chapters, Generation 5

Chapter 5.07 – Call Me Trevor

-Emmet- After the play, I spent the night at my parents' house. I didn't feel like driving back to Summerset when Owen and I were fighting. I thought a lot about what he said and I have to admit, he was right. It wasn't fair to him, hiding our relationship from everyone in my life.… Continue reading Chapter 5.07 – Call Me Trevor

Chapter 5.06, Chapters, Generation 5

Chapter 5.06 – Swan Lake

-Caleb- I woke up early to surprise Emmalee with breakfast in bed. Tonight was the premier of her ballet play, that they were rehearsing for months now, so I wanted to start her day right. When I was finishing up, the bedroom door opened and my girlfriend walked out into the kitchen, rubbing her eye,… Continue reading Chapter 5.06 – Swan Lake

Chapter 1.01, Generation 1

Chapter 1.01

Adam and Adeline were together since they can remember. Both of them lost their parents at a very young age and grew up in an orphanage. It was't bad, they found good friends but most importantly – they found each other... ******************** The minute Adam turned 18 he left the orphanage and started working. He… Continue reading Chapter 1.01