Chapter 5.07, Chapters, Generation 5

Chapter 5.07 – Call Me Trevor


After the play, I spent the night at my parents’ house. I didn’t feel like driving back to Summerset when Owen and I were fighting. I thought a lot about what he said and I have to admit, he was right. It wasn’t fair to him, hiding our relationship from everyone in my life. I realize that it probably makes him feel like he’s not important enough. Truth is, that he is everything to me. It took me a long time to realize and make peace with my sexuality and now it’s time my family does the same.

I had a lovely breakfast with my parents on Sunday morning. I thought about telling them then, but changed my mind and decided I wanted Owen to be there when I finally tell them the truth about us.

“Drive save, Sweetie,” mom kissed my cheek.

“I will, mom.” I smiled.

“Hey.” I paused, trying to find the right words and courage. “Do you guys want to come for dinner to Summerset sometime this week? I want to talk to you about something.”

“Sure, but what is it?” Mom took a second to think and then gasped. “Did you get some girl pregnant?!”

I let out a small laugh. “No, it’s not that. I’ll see you this week then, ok? Call me what day works you. Bye, mom. Bye, dad.”

I walked down the steps and thought about Melissa’s pregnancy. She told me on this porch over a year ago, so we would have a six month old baby now, if she kept it. He or she would be about the same age as Caroline’s son. I can’t help but picture our baby every time I see little Elijah and I don’t think it will ever go away.

I pulled out of the driveway and gave a quick wave to my parents who were still standing on the porch, waving vehemently.

When I got home, I found my boyfriend on the balcony, doing what he loves the most – tending to his plants.

“Hi.” I said quietly. “How was the rest of your weekend?”

“Fine.” He said briefly and kept on watering his flowers. He was obviously still upset with me and I didn’t blame him.

“So, I talked to my parents.”

That caught his attention and he finally put down the watering can and looked at me. “You did?”

I nodded. “I didn’t tell them about us yet, but before you get mad, I invited them over for dinner, so we can tell them together. I wanted you to be there if that’s ok with you.”

“Of course I’ll be there.” He smiled and gently took my face in his hands. “There is nothing I’d love more.”

My parents came over two days later. Owen cooked roast beef for the three of them and I made myself a small portion of ratatouille since I don’t eat meat. I was so nervous I couldn’t think about eating anyway.

When they arrived, I started to feel physically sick. How am I going to look into my dad’s eyes and tell him I’m gay?

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Morrison.” Owen welcomed them in our home. “Come in, take a seat. Dinner’s almost ready.”

I finished shortly in the kitchen, placed the food in front of them and joined them at the table.

“Food looks great.” My father commented. If there was something my dad loved, it was good food in front of him.

“Thanks. Owen made it.” I explained.

“Oh, that’s nice. Will you be joining us?” My mom turned to my boyfriend, but for her, he was just my roommate. He nodded and we all took a seat.

After everyone had their plate full, mom cut to the chase. “So what was so important you wanted to talk to us about?”

“Don’t you want to eat first?” I hesitated and my stomach turned.

“Why wait, Emmet?” Owen smiled, giving me the confidence I needed so much right now.

“Ok.” I cleared my throat. All three sets of eyes were glued on me, waiting for me to continue. It’s now or never. “I invited you here today, because I wanted to tell you, with both of us here. I mean Owen and myself,” I looked at my boyfriend, “that we…ehm…are a couple.”

“Oh?” My mom looked at my dad, then back at me. “That’s great, honey. It’s about time you finally let us in on your life.”

I was super confused. “You mean…you knew? Did Emmalee tell you?”

“No one told us, baby.” She shook her head. “We weren’t sure, but we thought you’re seeing someone. You haven’t been this happy since your grandfather passed away. And we don’t care if the person who makes you happy is female or a male.” She placed her hand on my arm added a big smile.

“Dad?” I looked at my father. I specifically needed to hear this from him. I wasn’t too worried about my mom’s reaction.

“Of course, son. Your mom is absolutely right. As long as you are happy, we are happy. Owen seems like a great guy.” He looked in my boyfriend’s direction. “I hope you two have a great life together. I’m also very proud of you for telling us like this, it must have been hard for you.”

The rest of dinner was very relaxed, I never felt this close to my parents. They finally knew my biggest secret and they were ok with it. It meant the world to me.



I got home from work into an empty apartment. Usually, Emmalee is home by this time but I didn’t think much of it. She’s probably with Caroline.

I decided to take a shower and watch some TV while I wait for her but when I entered the bathroom, there was a little handwritten note taped to the mirror.

I did as it said and went to the kitchen. Emmalee was now sitting on the couch with a suspicious smile on her face.

“What are you up to, young lady?”

“Nothing.” She said innocently.

I went to the kitchen to find another note on the oven door.

I opened the oven and…a bun. In the oven. Bun in the oven!

I looked at my girlfriend in shock. “Are you saying you’re…”

She nodded her head quickly and couldn’t hide her smile anymore. “I’m pregnant.”

I picked her up and spun her around. “I love you so much. We’re gonna have a baby.”


“Good morning, birthday boy.” My wife said flirtatiously slowly walked out of our master bathroom into the bedroom where I was just waking up in a red lingerie.

“Hey there, pretty lady.” I got comfortable, knowing what’s coming.

For the past twenty nine years since we were together, every year on my birthday, Dakota made sure I feel special and did a sexy dance for me.

I never let her dance too long, because she turns me on so much, that I cant’ help but touch her, undress her and take her.

Even after so many years and two pregnancies I loved her body more than any twenty year old.

“I love you.” She whispered into my ear as she was rhythmically moving her hips up and down.

“I love you more.”

When the best part of my birthday was over, the preparation for the party began. I tried to convince Dakota that I didn’t want to celebrate but she insisted.

“You only turn fifty once. It’s half a century, honey. We have to celebrate.” She argued. “Emmalee is coming to help me decorate, you go play golf with Dean and when you come back, everything will be ready. All you will have to do is have fun.”

I will give her that only because I already have something big planned for her fiftieth birthday three years from now.

Golf was fun as always. We decided to go to the driving range instead of the golf course since we had to be back in a few hours. Hanging out with Dean is always great, even though we are both busy with our lives, we try to make time to catch up. He is enjoying being a grandfather and never forgets to boast about Elijah’s milestones. It’s hard to believe that we are at this point in our lives where being a grandfather is totally normal.

When I came back, the house was filled with guests. After I changed into a more appropriate outfit, I greeted everyone individually.

I was happy to see everybody. I always refuse any parties but when it comes, I end up having a great time. This party however was even more interesting.

When it came to presents. I got something I didn’t expect for a long time.

I opened the card my daughter made me and fell tears stinging in my eyes.

“What does it say?” Everyone asked when they saw my reaction.

I looked at Emmalee, waiting for consent to tell the guests. She nodded.

“It says happy birthday, grandpa.” I was hardly able to talk. “And there is an ultrasound picture.”

I didn’t know what to say. I had to hug my daughter and Dakota joined us.

This was the perfect way to announce their pregnancy since all the important people to both of them were present.


After we announced we are expecting, I knew there is one more thing I have to do. I asked Emmalee’s father to go talk to me in private. I was terrified of the conversation that was about to happen.

“Congratulations, Caleb.” He said as we walked out on the deck. “I’m happy for you two.”

“Thank you, Mr. Morrison.” I nodded. This man scared me since the day I met him. Even after five years of dating his daughter it seemed like he doesn’t like me. Like he’s waiting for me to mess things up.

“You’re gonna take care of them, right?”

I knew he meant my girlfriend and our unborn child.

“Of course. I will do everything for them.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” He patted my shoulder friendly before we took a seat. “So what’s up?”

“Well I wanted to talk to you about something important and I’m sorry I’m doing it on your birthday party, but I kinda need an answer.”


“Alright so..Emmalee is pregnant so I think it’s time know..tie the knot. Get married. I want to propose, but I can’t do it before I get your blessing.”

He paused for a while, making me even more nervous than I already was.

“You know..when Emmalee first started seeing you, I wasn’t a big fan of yours. I know I was always hard on you and that’s because she will always be my little girl. You will know what I’m talking about if you have a daughter. It’s a special relationship and it’s hard to trust another man to take care of her, but I think she couldn’t find a better protector, Caleb. Of course you have my blessing.” He smiled at me, probably for the first time ever.

“It means a lot, Mr. Morrison. Please don’t tell anyone about our conversation. I want it to be a surprise.”

“You got it, son. Your secret is safe with me.” He started to walk back into the house but turned around before opening the door. “Oh, and…call me Trevor.”


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