Chapter 5.06, Generation 5

Chapter 5.06

Swan Lake -Caleb- I woke up early to surprise Emmalee with breakfast in bed. Tonight was the premier of her ballet play, that they were rehearsing for months now, so I wanted to start her day right. When I was finishing up, the bedroom door opened and my girlfriend walked out into the kitchen, rubbing… Continue reading Chapter 5.06

Chapter 5.05, Generation 5

Chapter 5.05

It's a... -Caroline- I was standing in front of a mirror, staring at my fast growing belly, thinking about how much of a different route is my life taking from what I planned. Just a few months ago, I was in college, enjoying the freedom of being a student and living in a new city.… Continue reading Chapter 5.05

Chapter 1.04, Generation 1

Chapter 1.04

The kids were growing up fast. Barney loved being a big brother. He was especially close to his youngest sister Beata. Barbara and Benjamin were twins and spent a lot of time playing together. The twins bond was undeniable. Barney started going to school and made new friends right away. It was probably his outgoing… Continue reading Chapter 1.04