Chapter 3.20, Generation 3

Chapter 3.20

A/N: Adult language.It was a Saturday like every other. Hailey had an event she had to attend so her limo picked her up in front of the house. For a mayor of Sierra weekends didn't mean days off like for most people. Cameron was working in his office as usual and Dakota was home for… Continue reading Chapter 3.20

Chapter 3.19, Generation 3

Chapter 3.19

A/N: This chapter contains nudity and sexual content."Sorry, babe," Dylan said when he got out of the cab, "I had to finish the game with my buddies." "You're twenty minutes late, Dylan. I've been waiting out here like an idiot." "I know, I said I'm sorry." "Fine," Dakota didn't want to fight today. "I knew… Continue reading Chapter 3.19

Chapter 3.18, Generation 3

Chapter 3.18

"So what is the big news you texted me about last night?" Martha asked when they were working on their home work at her house. "Oh, that," Dakota hesitated, "it's nothing, forget it." Dakota was embarrassed to admit she's a fool. She had a cute guy trick her into making out with him and then… Continue reading Chapter 3.18

Chapter 3.17, Generation 3

Chapter 3.17

"Come on, Kyra, shoot," Dakota encouraged her friend. Kyra was going to the same high school but she was a senior and will be graduating soon. She was a social butterfly who knew everyone and was friends with everyone. "I really suck at video games," Kyra replied and threw the controller on the coffee table… Continue reading Chapter 3.17

Chapter 3.16, Generation 3

Chapter 3.16

"Mom said we're going to the summer festival today," Martha said during breakfast they were eating at her house because the two girls had a sleepover, "you can come with us, she said." "Ok," Dakota mumbled. She was jealous. Martha's parents always took her places and did fun stuff with her. "Do you want to… Continue reading Chapter 3.16

Chapter 3.15, Generation 3

Chapter 3.15

"Happy birthday, brother," Lucas said and raised his glass. Cameron was turning forty four a refused to have a party but his younger brother Lucas convinced him to at least go out, have a few drinks and play some pool. Birthday was a sad time for Cameron every since his little sister Caitlin passed away… Continue reading Chapter 3.15

Chapter 3.14, Generation 3

Chapter 3.14

The rest of Hailey's pregnancy was smooth without complications. Cameron knew he was still in trouble for leaving their party and making work a priority once again and he had to make it up to Hailey. Once they found out the gender of their baby, he immediately started working on the nursery. He got and… Continue reading Chapter 3.14

Chapter 3.13, Generation 3

Chapter 3.13

Hailey was throwing up for the past two weeks. She was hoping it was for the reason she wanted to. They've been trying for a baby since their wedding night, five year ago, but they had no success. The doctors said they were both healthy and even though Hailey was thirty five, they still have… Continue reading Chapter 3.13