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Chapter 5.05 – It’s a…


I was standing in front of a mirror, staring at my fast growing belly, thinking about how much of a different route is my life taking from what I planned. Just a few months ago, I was in college, enjoying the freedom of being a student and living in a new city. I had a boyfriend, was making new friends and learning so much about my passion which is photography.

Now I’m standing here in a yellow dress, getting ready for a gender reveal party. I picked yellow, because I don’t have a ‘team’. I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl as long as it is healthy.

“Caroline,” I heard my mom’s voice from downstairs, “guests are showing up. Come join us.”


I took a deep breath and glanced in the mirror one more time and gently rubbed my belly.

Let’s go find out what you are little one.

I chuckled for myself when I felt the baby kick.

It was a small party with the people closest to me and my family. Originally I didn’t even want one, but Emmalee and my mom insisted. Emmalee did all the decoration and mom took care of food and drinks.

“You look beautiful,” my best friend said as soon she saw me come down the stairs and then bent over and talked to my belly in a silly voice, “hi little buddy. It’s your auntie Emmalee again. We’re going to find out what you are today. Yes, we are. I think you are a boy.”

People were dressed in either pink or blue, depending on which team they were on. Emmalee was wearing a blue polka dot dress. Her boyfriend Caleb was, of course, on the same team, wearing a blue bottom down shirt.

The only people in pink were my friend Rose, aunt Martha and aunt Dakota.

It was a gorgeous August day, so the party was on our small back yard. Emmalee did a great job with the decorations which didn’t surprise me. She was working on becoming a designer after all. She had a good eye for these things.

After everyone had something to eat and drink, it was time of the reveal. Not a single person knew the gender. We ordered a box full of balloons but the color won’t be revealed until I open in a few minutes.

I was excited to find out, I stepped to the table the box was on, my mom on one side, my dad on the other.

Ideally it would be the father of my baby but he has no interest in being a dad. I’m grateful for the support of my parents. Right after we find out the gender, we will start working on the nursery. We will get rid of our small guest room, since everyone we care about lives nearby anyways, and convert it into the baby’s room.

“Open it, open it!” aunt Dakota yelled from the small crowd of people waiting.

I slowly opened the box and a bunch of balloons flew out.

“It’s a boyyyyy!” My mom screamed excitingly since she was also on team blue.

When all the balloons disappeared in the sky I hugged her tightly and started crying. But I was smiling through the tears. Oh the pregnancy hormones..

It felt so real all of a sudden. I’m going to have a son…

Weeks went by, my belly was growing bigger and bigger and the nursery was coming along. Emmalee helped with painting…

…my dad put together the crib and changing table…

…and my mom decorated.

Neither one of them let me lift a finger. I was so happy with the finished room and couldn’t wait to have him.

Weeks turned into months and before I knew, it was Thanksgiving. We went to the Morrison’s cabin like we did most years. I was a little nervous being two hours away from the hospital I chose to give birth at since my due date was quickly approaching, but I decided to go anyway.


“Alright, I’m off to my parent’s cabin. What time is your flight?” I asked my roommate.

It took me a while after I started school to find someone I would be able to live with but I finally found Owen. He also goes to the University of Summerset and we have a lot in common. Same taste in movies and books. He likes nature and loves gardening, which means that the apartment and especially our balcony is full of plants.

“It got cancelled!” He threw his arms up in frustration. “I just got the email. Looks like I’m staying.”

“What? Why?”

“Apparently there is a blizzard coming to Boston so they canceled all flights.”

“Well get your bag, you’re coming with me.”

“Are you sure? Your family won’t mind?”

“Please,” I scoffed, “my mom will be thrilled. Just…make sure you don’t mention the…you know…the thing.”

“You got it.” He smiled and grabbed the bag he packed for the trip to Boston.

Three hours later, we parked in front of the cabin. There were four other cars parked on the lot so everyone was already here. My parents, Emmalee with Caleb, Caroline with her parents and aunt Martha with her family. Like every year, mom invited everybody to celebrate. She loved hosting people. This cabin has seen more parties than a fraternity house.

“Hi,” I said when we walked into the living room and introduced my guest, “this is Owen, my roommate. He was supposed to go home for the holiday but his flight got cancelled so I invited him.”

“Awesome honey,” mom danced closer to us to hug me and shake Owen’s hand, “nice to meet you Owen.” She said sweetly. “I’m Dakota, Emmett’s mom.”

It was obvious she already had a few glasses of wine and was working on another one just like all the other women in the living room. My dad, Dean and Garret were drinking beer.

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Morrison,” he smiled politely and then repeated the same thing with everyone in the room. He got asked a few questions before we were finally released to bring our bags upstairs.


I helped my mom prepare dinner for everyone. We kept it simple – spaghetti with alfredo sauce will do tonight. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and that will be much more complicated.

“Honey please go get Emmett and his friend,” mom said, “I’m putting dinner on the table.”

I walked towards the stair case, but Caleb stopped me. This was the first year we are spending this holiday together. We decided that we will alternate our families so no one feels left out. This year we’re spending Thanksgiving with my parents and Christmas with his mom and next year we’ll switch.

“You looked so sexy in the kitchen.”

“Oh yea? Wait till you see me in the bedroom when we get back home.” I winked.

Unfortunately we will have to share the bedroom with bunkbeds tonight with Emmett and his friend. The cabin is big but there is not enough bedrooms for everyone to have their privacy.

“You’re killing me, you know that?” Caleb wailed into my ear.

“Sorry baby. But it will be worth the wait.” I promised and kissed him to give him a preview.

My dad saw us and coughed loudly. “Excuse me, young lady? Aren’t you going to get your brother?”

Is he ever gonna get used to seeing me with my boyfriend? We live together for Christ’s sake!

I walked upstairs and opened the door to our room.

“Hey guys, mom…” I immediately regretted not knocking because I didn’t expect to see what I saw.

My brother and his new friend looked anything but friendly. They were kissing! And not just any kissing. I mean full on make out session.

They stopped as soon as they heard me open the door.

“What the fuck, Em!” Emmett yelled angrily. “Can’t you knock?!”

“Ahh…I’m so sorry.” I mumbled. “uhmm…dinner’s ready.”

I left the room as quickly as possible and stood in the family room for a minute, shocked.


The day of Thanksgiving went well. Except for Emmett and his new friend totally avoiding me. They wouldn’t even make an eye contact. I wanted to talk to him so badly but there just wasn’t a good opportunity to do so. There were people everywhere plus I wasn’t sure he wanted to talk a bout it.

“There’s the beauty.” Dad was bringing the twenty pound turkey to the table proudly when everyone was seated. He makes it every year and likes to say it’s his specialty.

All us women prepared the sides and deserts. It was a lot of food to prepare but we all had a great time like every year. This year, mom even let me have a glass of wine even though I was only nineteen.

“It’s not like you are driving anywhere.” She said and filled up my glass with red wine.

Oh how wrong she was…

In the middle of dinner, Caroline started to feel uncomfortable.

“Mom?” She placed her hands on her belly. “Something’s wrong. I think I’m having contractions.”

Nora quickly dropped on the floor next to her to comfort her daughter. “You’re ok, honey. We’re gonna get you to the hospital.”

My mom stood up and took matters into her hands. “Ok, nobody panic. Caleb, you didn’t drink so you’ll drive. Emmet you too. Owen, do you have a driving license?”

The boy nodded.

“Great, you’ll drive my car.” Mom was organizing the move from here to the hospital and everyone cooperated. “Caleb, Em, Caroline, Dean and Nora in one car. Owen you will drive Martha, Garret and Sam and Emmet you will take me and dad. We’ll meet in Hillside. Please drive carefully. We’re lucky it hasn’t snowed in a few days so the roads are clean.”

Everyone was putting on jackets and I helped Caroline to the car.

“You’re having a baby.” I said and I was actually emotional.

“I know,” she smiled at me and then had what looked like a strong contraction that lasted good 45 seconds, “let’s get me to the hospital. I don’t want to give birth in a car. Caleb wouldn’t thank me.”

“It’s good to see you’re not losing your sense of humor.”

The two hour ride was nerve wrecking. Caroline was no doubt in active labor and could literally have the baby any minute.

Luckily we made it and got her to the delivery room before the rest of the family arrived.

Couple of hours later, I noticed my brother getting snack from the vending machine. That was my chance to finally talk to him.

“Some thanksgiving dinner, huh?” I started with a joke.

“Uh-huh.” He didn’t take.

“Look. About what I saw yesterday.”

“I don’t want to talk about it, Em. If I wanted to, I would have.”

“I figured that much, just…stop avoiding me, ok? It doesn’t change anything between us.”


“I mean it, Emmett. I want you to be happy with whoever you choose. And don’t think you can’t tell our parents. They will tell you the same thing.”

“I’m not so sure about dad. He’s already had enough disappointment with me not being into cars or sports.”

“Are you kidding?! Dad is so proud of you for becoming a vet and for being so smart.”

“Yea, right.” He said sarcastically.

“Yea, right.” I repeated in all seriousness. “He’s telling everyone he meets that his son goes to University of Summerset.”


“Really,” I nodded and added a soft smile, “he loves you and so do I. We all do…”

“Who’s waiting for a baby?” A nurse came into the waiting room. “Now. Mom is tired so, please, keep your visit short and let her have some rest. She deserves it.”

We all stood up and hurried into Caroline’s room. She looked exhausted but also the happiest I’ve ever seen her.

“Hey guys,” she whispered and lifted her head from the sleeping baby in her arms, “this is Elijah.”

A/N: So I finally finished this chapter. As you know I had a baby three months ago so my time for writing and playing Sims is very limited. Things are getting easier so hopefully you won’t have to wait another three months for next chapter!



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