Chapter 5.07, Chapters, Generation 5

Chapter 5.07 – Call Me Trevor

-Emmet- After the play, I spent the night at my parents' house. I didn't feel like driving back to Summerset when Owen and I were fighting. I thought a lot about what he said and I have to admit, he was right. It wasn't fair to him, hiding our relationship from everyone in my life.… Continue reading Chapter 5.07 – Call Me Trevor

Chapter 5.06, Chapters, Generation 5

Chapter 5.06 – Swan Lake

-Caleb- I woke up early to surprise Emmalee with breakfast in bed. Tonight was the premier of her ballet play, that they were rehearsing for months now, so I wanted to start her day right. When I was finishing up, the bedroom door opened and my girlfriend walked out into the kitchen, rubbing her eye,… Continue reading Chapter 5.06 – Swan Lake

Chapter 5.05, Chapters, Generation 5

Chapter 5.05 – It’s a…

-Caroline- I was standing in front of a mirror, staring at my fast growing belly, thinking about how much of a different route is my life taking from what I planned. Just a few months ago, I was in college, enjoying the freedom of being a student and living in a new city. I had… Continue reading Chapter 5.05 – It’s a…

Chapter 5.04, Chapters, Generation 5

Chapter 5.04 – Inheritance

-Dakota- Trevor and I walked out of my father's attorney's office after three hours of going over his will. I took a deep breath and exhaled. "How crazy is that?" My husband shook his head. "I didn't expect that. I mean, I knew your father had money, but I had no idea he had this… Continue reading Chapter 5.04 – Inheritance

Supernatural - Castiel, Sam and Dean Winchester, TV CHARACTERS

Supernatural – Castiel, Sam and Dean Winchester

Hey! So this is not story related but I will share it here anyway 🙂 I made Castiel and Sam and Dean Winchester from my favorite TV show Supernatural. I hope you like them and recognize them! Let me know in the comments.

Chapter 4.23, Generation 4

Chapter 4.23

Hailey I knocked on the door of the bridal suite where Dakota was getting ready with a red box in my hands. The earring. "Come in." "Hi sweetheart," I smiled and held back tears, I was so proud, "look at you, you look beautiful." "Mom, I'm not even dressed yet." "I've got something for you,… Continue reading Chapter 4.23

Chapter 4.21, Generation 4

Chapter 4.21

Dakota "Hey there, fiance," I greeted Trevor when he got home from work and put my iPad down on the side table to give him a kiss. "Hi, beautiful. How was your day?" "Good, yours?" "Busy, I'm exhausted. I'm gonna go take a shower." "Hold on one minute. I want to talk to you about… Continue reading Chapter 4.21

Chapter 4.20, Generation 4

Chapter 4.20

Dakota "You should get this necklace, Nora," I said looking at the jewelry in Patricia's wedding boutique. Nora leaned closer to get a better look, "this is beautiful, can I see it up close?" she asked Patricia and she took it out from behind the glass. "Of course," the lady handed her a diamond necklace,… Continue reading Chapter 4.20