Chapter 5.06, Chapters, Generation 5

Chapter 5.06 – Swan Lake

-Caleb- I woke up early to surprise Emmalee with breakfast in bed. Tonight was the premier of her ballet play, that they were rehearsing for months now, so I wanted to start her day right. When I was finishing up, the bedroom door opened and my girlfriend walked out into the kitchen, rubbing her eye,… Continue reading Chapter 5.06 – Swan Lake

Chapter 2.17, Generation 2

Chapter 2.17

Being back home wasn't any easier. Seeing Caitlin's things and pictures on the wall from when she was just a baby wasn't helping Becca to get better. But she kept torturing herself by spending all days and nights in her little girl's room. She deserved it, it was her fault her baby girl was gone,… Continue reading Chapter 2.17

Chapter 1.06, Generation 1

Chapter 1.06

*AN: this chapter contains nudity “ and Elena are dating now, huh?” Adam started the uncomfortable conversation with his oldest son. "Yea, and?" Barney replied seemingly clueless but knowing exactly where he was going with it. "Well I think it's time we have a little talk about, you know, you two potentially, um, having sex."… Continue reading Chapter 1.06