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Chapter 5.02 – Decisions


I ran through the hallway, busted through the restroom door and dropped on my knees in front of a toilet bowl.

What is happening to me?! I thought to myself.

For the past two weeks, my stomach was acting crazy. I can’t keep food down and this time, unlike two years ago, I am not throwing up in purpose.

After I washed up, I exited into the hallway and was greeted by my boyfriend Mike.

“Hey beautiful,” he leaned closer to kiss me.

“I wouldn’t kiss that mouth if I were you.” I warned him. “I just threw up again.”

“Woah.” He took a step back and his mood immediately changed. “Are you pregnant?!”

It hasn’t occurred to me, but now that he said it, I guess it’s a possibility. I was never worried about unwanted pregnancy since all doctors warned me that it will not be easy for me, if not impossible, to conceive in the future, because of my eating disorder.

“Actually,” I paused to think about my symptoms such as nausea and sore breasts, “I think I might be.”

“Well, you have to get rid of it.” Mike said angrily. “I’m nineteen and I don’t want a kid right now. We just started collage.”

“Can we talk about this somewhere else, please?” I lowered my voice. I didn’t want everyone to hear.

“There’s nothing to talk about. I don’t want it, do you understand?”

“Sure.” I nodded. “I understand. But you can’t force me to have an abortion.”

I walked away, holding in the tears that were trying to break out. I am not going to cry in front of this guy. I knew Mike is not the nicest guy I could be with but I didn’t expect a reaction like this.

I stopped at the pharmacy before returning to the dorms. It was almost empty since most people had classes this time of the day. Perfect time to have some privacy in the restroom and take a pregnancy test.

I peed on the stick and put it on the counter. I stared at myself in the mirror and a million things went through my head.

From what is going to happen with my education if it’s positive, to how am I going to tell my parents that their twenty years old daughter, who just started collage, is pregnant with a guy that wants nothing to do with her or the baby. But not one time did giving it away cross my mind. If I’m really pregnant, I’m keeping it.

After the three longest minutes of my life, I looked down on the test, holding my breath.



“Good morning.” Mom was suspiciously excited first thing in the morning, when I walked into the kitchen to have breakfast. “Come sit. I made pancakes, your favorite.”

When I stepped closer to the dining table I found a big white envelope on my plate. Now I understand – I got a letter form the University of Summerset.

Mom walked around the table so she can look over my shoulder.

“Open it. I can’t wait to find out.” She encouraged me.

I felt so nervous all of a sudden. I was waiting for this letter for more than two months and now it’s finally here. This is going to tell me what my future is going to look like.

I carefully ripped the top of the envelope open and pulled out a sheet of paper.

Dear Emmett,

Congratulations! It is with great pleasure to inform you that your admission here at University of Summerset has been approved.

I didn’t read any further. “I got in.” I said and the corners of my mouth formed a smile on my face.

“You got in!” Mom repeated after me louder as if she couldn’t believe it. “Of course you got in! I’m so proud of you!”

“Congratulation son.” Dad said. “We really couldn’t be any more proud.”

“Thanks.” I sat down and put a few pancakes on my plate.

“Grandpa knew you’ll get in all along. I wish he was here to see it.”

I nodded and looked at the empty chair next to me where he used to sit and where I last saw him alive. He passed away two months ago and there hasn’t been a single day when I didn’t think about him.

Later that afternoon, I was sitting on the porch, enjoying the first warm spring days of the year, when Melissa showed up.

“Hey.” She said and took a seat next to me.

“Hi.” I answered.

I felt very awkward being around her and avoided her as much as I could. It wasn’t easy since we have classes together and take the same school bus. Luckily I got a car for my eighteenth birthday two weeks ago, so I can drive myself to school now.

We were just sitting there silently when my mom returned from work. She was excited to see Melissa.

“Melissa! Hi!”

“Hi, Mrs. Morrison.”

“You haven’t been around lately. It’s good to see you. Did Emmett tell you he’s been accepted to the University of Summerset?” Mom said proudly. She was probably telling everyone she saw today.

“Yea.” Melissa lied. “It’s awesome.”

“What about you? Did you hear back yet?”

“Yea. I’m going to Bridgeport – journalism.”

“Wow, that’s amazing, Mel. Congratulations!” Mom smiled. “Ok, I’ll leave you two alone. Have fun.”

“Look.” I started after my mom closed the front door behind her. “I know why you’re here. You probably want to know why I’ve been avoiding you. Well the truth is that what happened between us was a mistake. It’s totally my fault and it should have never…”

“I’m pregnant.” Melissa cut me off.

I stared on the wooden floor in front of me, completely stunned by what I just heard.

“You…you are…wow.”

“I’m not keeping it. I’m here, because I need help with the abortion cost. I don’t have that much money.”

“Oh… Of course. I mean, are you sure that that’s what you want to do? We can talk about it.”

“What is there to talk about Emmett.” Her tone was cold, emotionless. “Are you saying you want to raise a child at eighteen? What about your school, my school. How do you imagine we do this. Do we get married? You barely looked at me since the night we had sex two months ago. So yes – I am sure that that’s what I want to do.”

“Alright, alright. I just want you to know that no matter what you decide, I’m here. Whatever you need.”

“All I need is the money.” She stood up, getting ready to leave. “Can you have it by tomorrow?

“Yea, I’ll get it.” I said quietly and watched her walk away.

This isn’t happening…

I couldn’t stop thinking about what I learned today. I know we are way too young to be parents but we wouldn’t be the first ones to raise a child at this age. We created it, it’s a part of us. Are we just going to get rid of it?







Maybe she will give me a chance to tell her how I feel about it. I understand that it’s her body and the decision is ultimately hers, but the baby inside her is mine too.

I waited for Melissa after school as we agreed and we headed to the clinic. We haven’t spoken one word the whole ride but when I parked I stopped her before she opened the door.

“Melissa, wait. I…You said we can talk about it today. I kinda feel like we’re making a mistake.”

“No,” she said bitterly, “we are fixing a mistake, Emmett.”

I nodded and looked down. “You’re probably right, it’s just…” When I looked up I realized I’m talking to myself. Melissa was already halfway through the front door of the clinic.

I followed her into the waiting room, and watched her fill out a bunch of paperwork the receptionist gave her.

I sat there quietly. There is no going back now and Melissa is probably right. It would completely change our lives.

I never thought I will find myself here in a situation like this.

“Melissa Gates?” A nurse walked into the waiting room and waited until she got up and walked over to her. “The doctor is ready for you honey.”

Melissa looked at me over her shoulder before she and the nurse disappeared into the hallway. I wasn’t sure how to read her facial expression.

She made it clear she doesn’t want me to go inside with her so I waited. I was surprised she was back in less than twenty minutes. I thought that something like abortion would take longer that that.

She hardly looked at me and walked right outside. I found her waiting for me by my car.

“It’s done.” She informed me.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’ll be alright.”

“I’m sorry you had to go through this, Mel.” I said and I meant it. No girl should have to make this decision. “Do you want to go get some dinner?”

“No.” She shook her head. “Can you just take me home, please?”



Right after I found out I’m pregnant, I went home to tell my parents. They were pretty shocked at first but then we came up with a plan how to handle the situation.

I will transfer to a college closer to home. Unfortunately Hillside community collage doesn’t offer photography program, but Summerset college does. It’s not exactly ideal, it’s an hour away, but I will take most classes online so I should only have to drive there once or twice a week. My mom’s work schedule is pretty flexible so she will be able to help out as needed.

“Ok, Caroline. Please lay down and tuck up your shirt.” The doctor said.

I did as she said and mom sat on the chair next to me. I was very excited to see the sonogram of my baby. I know it’s tiny and doesn’t even look like a human yet but it is still amazing.

“It’s going to be a little cold.” The doctor warned me and put a cold gel on my flat stomach.

She started to move the scanner around and my eyes were glued to the monitor next to my head.

“So here is the sack and the tiny little bean inside is your baby.” The woman pointed at the screen and explained what are we looking at. “I’m going to take some measurements to determine exactly how far along you are and then we will listen to the heartbeat.”

I looked at mom and noticed how emotional she is.

“Well, it’s official.” I said. “You’re gonna be a grandma.”

“Congratulations.” The doctor smiled. “I just became a grandma myself. You are going to love it.”

“I’m sure I will.” Mom smiled through her glossy eyes and squeezed my hand. “We will make it work.”

A/N: I’m exited to have a baby in the story! I was playing mostly with teenagers for a while and need some babies lol. I hope you liked the chapter šŸ™‚


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