Chapter 5.06, Chapters, Generation 5

Chapter 5.06 – Swan Lake

-Caleb- I woke up early to surprise Emmalee with breakfast in bed. Tonight was the premier of her ballet play, that they were rehearsing for months now, so I wanted to start her day right. When I was finishing up, the bedroom door opened and my girlfriend walked out into the kitchen, rubbing her eye,… Continue reading Chapter 5.06 – Swan Lake

Chapter 2.16, Generation 2

Chapter 2.16

Cameron woke up that morning next to his girlfriend Rose. Her parents were out of town so he, once again, lied to his parents and said he will spend the night at his friend's house. He was riding his bike home along the coast. What a beautiful view, he thought. He heard the sirens behind… Continue reading Chapter 2.16

Chapter 2.15, Generation 2

Chapter 2.15

"I can't believe you had a party in the house," Becca was angry at her son, "after we decided to trust you. You do realize you're only fifteen right? You have plenty of time to drink and party when you're an adult." "Sorry. It wasn't even my idea," Cameron threw his arms in the air,"Daniel… Continue reading Chapter 2.15