Chapter 1.04, Generation 1

Chapter 1.04

The kids were growing up fast. Barney loved being a big brother. He was especially close to his youngest sister Beata. Barbara and Benjamin were twins and spent a lot of time playing together. The twins bond was undeniable.

Barney started going to school and made new friends right away. It was probably his outgoing personality and the fact that he grew up with three other siblings didn’t hurt either. All his classmates loved him and wanted to have play dates but he really only wanted to invite one of them. Perhaps he had a crush on her?

Elena was a cutie and apparently Barney thought so too. They spent most afternoons together either at her house or at the Owen’s house studying, playing video games or watching and discussing their favorite TV shows.

Adeline drove them to the park sometimes and brought all the other kids along to get some fresh air.

As they were growing older, their relationship was growing stronger. They were best friends but Barney soon started to realize that it was a little bit more than that in his heart.

Adam and Adeline bought him his first car when he turned sixteen and got his driver’s licence. It wasn’t much, it was an old red truck but he loved it.

When Elena’s sixteenth birthday came he decided to invite her to the lake and finally tell her how he feels. He knew he was risking this amazing friendship they had but he was willing to take that risk and hopefully gain the best girlfriend he could ever imagine.

Just the thought of Elena being his girlfriend made him smile and he felt the butterflies in his stomach.

The flowers he got her were hidden on the back seat of the truck guarded by his four legged best friend Lippo.

“So where are we going Mr. Secret?” Elena teased on the way to the lake.

“It’s not about WHERE we’re going, it’s about WHO is taking you there.”

“Oh I’m sorry. I forgot I have to be grateful for your company. My apologies.”

They looked at each other and burst into laughter. They had those silly conversations since they were six and only they understood them.

By the time they got to the lake the sun started to set down. Exactly how he imagined it..

“Oh my God, you got me flowers?!” Elena squealed “What are you getting all romantic on me all of a sudden?” she laughed.

But Barney didn’t laugh this time. He was nervous like he probably never was before but he knew it was now or never.

“Well, I actually wanted to ask you something.” he started carefully grabbing her hands and holding them in his. “You know we were friends for a long time but lately…I think I don’t want to be just your friend.”

“Ok..?” she suddenly started to feel the seriousness of the conversation and was patiently waiting for him to continue.

“I just thought..I guess I was thinking…do you wanna go out with me?” he finally blurted out.

Elena released her hands from his and looked down on the ground. Oh great, I blew it,Barney thought, I should have never brought it up.

After a moment of awkward silence Elena looked up, looked him in the eyes with a smile on her face. She placed her hands on his face touching his cheekbones with her thumbs and said “I thought you’d never ask.”

And then they kissed. It was a fist kiss for both of them and it couldn’t be more perfect…

A/N: As much as I love all characters from the beginning of my story, I recommend you start with generation four here since I didn’t have enough photos and experience with writing when I started this story. I plan on updating these chapters eventually 🙂


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