Chapter 4.22, Generation 4

Chapter 4.22


I woke up in Dakota’s room that looked like a room of a ten year old girl. She was sleeping soundly next to me. I got up and walked into the private bathroom that was attached to her bedroom. From there there was a door leading to a walk in closet and from there there was a door leading to a gym/art room. I had no idea how wealthy her family was. I knew they worked a lot and that’s why she felt so neglected growing up but this was beyond expectation. She grew up in a mansion and there was no way I could ever give her even half of this.

I was about to walk downstairs but stopped to look at the pictures that were hanging on the walls. Dakota was such a cute kid. There was a lot of pictures from when she was a baby and even a young child but no family photos from her teen years. That must of been when things got really bad.

“Good morning,” I heard a man’s voice behind me.

“Good morning, Mr. Cooper,” I cleared my throat when I saw her father, “we haven’t officially met. I’m Trevor Morrison, Dakota’s fiance.”

He shook my hand, firm handshake, “nice to meet you, Trevor. You can call me Cameron.”

I looked back to the pictures, “she looks so happy here, on the roller coaster,” I chuckled.

“She was such a good kid,” he smiled, “very smart and so very independent. I guess that’s my fault, she kind of had to be. She grew up so fast.”

“She’s an amazing young woman, sir..ehm…Cameron.”

“I know,” he nodded.

“And who’s this?” I pointed at a picture of a woman and a toddler.

“Oh,” he paused and took a long look at it, “hat’s my mother Becca and my sister Caitlin. They both died tragically a long time ago.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright,” he said and kept looking at the photo as if he was paying them respect, then looked away and changed the subject, “do you drink coffee, Trevor?”

“Sure, I’d love some.”


I woke up and found an empty bed next to me. I got dressed and went to find Trevor but when I was walking down the stairs I heard my father’s voice as he was talking to my fiance.

“…the Cooper’s family is pretty well known in Sierra. I mean my wife was the mayor, my sister is a very successful local singer and I’m sure you already know about my mother, Becca Cooper, who was a big movie star forty years ago before all that stuff with Caitlin happened…”

Well, now he knows…

I walked into the dining room pretending I didn’t hear their conversation, “my two favorite men, how convenient,” I kissed my dad on the cheek and took a seat next to Trevor.

“Good morning honey,” my dad said, “how did you sleep?”

“Very well, where is mom?”

“She’s taking a shower, she’ll be down here in a minute.”

My mother made pancakes for everyone and we ate breakfast together. It was so nice and I was enjoying every second of this weekend.

“I talked to your aunt Carissa this morning and she has a show tonight. She would love for us all to go. Everyone really wants to see you honey,” my mom said.

“That sounds like fun. I can’t wait to see them too. Is uncle Lucas coming?”

He was my favorite person from the whole family. Him and his wife were always available to spend time with me since they didn’t have any kids of their own because Sarah is much older than him.

“Of course he is.”

“Awesome,” I smiled, “we’re going to have lunch with Kyra and her boyfriend but we should be back by four. What time is the show?”

“It’s at eight and we will go out for dinner before that at six. Maybe you can invite your friends, too. We’ll have so much fun.”

It was nice to see mom so happy and excited. I have a feeling she didn’t feel this way in a very long time.

We met Kyra and her boyfriend in a local pub for lunch. It wasn’t the best place in town but their food was decent. After all the introductions we got a table.

“So, luckily I noticed you were eyeing Kyra at the bar two years ago, huh?” I joked with my friend’s boyfriend Tony.

“Yea, I never got a chance to thank you for giving her the push she needed,” he joked back.

We got our food and had a great time catching up until I looked over my shoulder and saw him. My heart stopped for a second and I quickly looked away, covering the half of my face that was closer to him with my hand.

“Oh my God, is it…”

“Yea…Dylan,” she confirmed, “sorry, I had no idea he would be here.”

He looked different, it looked like he gained some weight.

Trevor looked behind him to take a look at the guy who broke my heart two years ago.

“That’s him?” he asked.

“Yea. In the blue shirt,” I nodded.

Trevor stood up and walked over to him.

“Trevor, don’t…” I tried to stop him but it was too late. He was already talking to him. All three of us were carefully watching their conversation although we didn’t hear a word of what they were saying. I could tell that Dylan got a little angry at one point but then he calmed down and looked over at me. It was obvious that he didn’t even noticed me until now. Trevor walked back to our table while Dylan kept staring at me until I looked away.

“Let’s get out of here, I don’t wanna be here anymore,” I said uncomfortably.

“Me neither,” Kyra agreed, “we should totally go to..”

“…the amusement park,” Trevor finished her sentence.

“Well…I was gonna say the pool, but amusement park sounds even better,” my friend said.

We had so much fun. We rode the roller coaster and even though we got soaking wet, we didn’t mind a bit. All four of us turned into children again.

“I forgot I how much I loved this place,” I said to Kyra when we were playing a game together.

“This was the place to be when we were twelve,” she laughed.

“Yeah..hey my aunt has a show tonight and my mom wants you guys to come so if you don’t have anything going on, I’d love to have you there. It’s so good to hang out with you again and we’re leaving tomorrow so it would be great it if I could see you tonight.”

“Of course we’ll be there.”

We all met at the best restaurant in the city for dinner. It had an outdoor terrace seating with a view of the city sky line, perfect for a warm night like this.

It was great to see everyone, especially my uncle Lucas and his wife Sarah.

I was watching Trevor during dinner, having what looked like a great conversation with my father and I felt so happy. Seeing my future husband getting along with my father was something I didn’t even realize was important to me until now.

“You found a good one,” aunt Carissa said when she noticed me staring at my fiance.

“I know,” I smiled.

“Don’t take him for granted, honey. There is not many of them, I would know.”

She said it as a joke but I heard the sadness in her voice. She never married and doesn’t have any children. All she has is her singing career which she loves, but I know that, deep down, she regrets dedicating her whole life to it.

“I won’t,” I assured her and turned to conversation to tonight’s show, “I can’t wait to hear you sing tonight. It’s been years since I’ve been to one of your shows.”

“Don’t expect too much, sweetheart. I’m an old lady now.”

“You’re not old, aunt Carissa. You look amazing.”

“You’re sweet. I guess I got that from your grandmother. She always looked fifteen years younger that she was.”

I nodded, “she was beautiful.”

“I miss her every day. Value your parents while they’re here because, believe me, you will miss them when they’re gone.”

“I know,” I looked down on my hands in my lap, “I’m glad I made up with them.”

“And they’re the happiest I’ve seen them since you moved away,” she winked and turned to answer my uncle’s question.

Her show didn’t disappoint. She had a pianist that played for most of the night but for her last song, my aunt sat behind the piano, and performed a song she wrote about her mother’s, my grandmother’s, suicide that left us all in tears. The whole audience stood up and clapped for a long time.

It was the end of an amazing weekend. It was a little bit of an emotional roller coaster but it was absolutely worth it. I had my relationship with my parents back, I got to see my old friend and my whole family had a chance to meet my fiance. They all promised they will make the trip to Hillside for our wedding so it gives me something to look forward to.

“Did you have fun?” Trevor asked when we were getting ready for bed in my old room.

“So much fun,” I admitted, “you?”

“I did. Your family is great. I’ve learned more about your family history from your dad i one weekend than I have from you in two years.”

I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or an accusation. Maybe a little bit of both.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright, I get it. It can be a lot to take in,” he came closer and pulled me towards him.

“So, what did you tell to Dylan in the bar earlier?” I asked curiously.

“Nothing,” he gave me a peck on the lips before he finished, “I thanked him.”