Chapter 4.11, Generation 4

Chapter 4.11

First week at the new job was a little challenging but luckily, Dakota quickly made a friend who was helping her adjust.

Her name was Nora Waters. Nora was a shy girl with glasses and her hair always in a bun.

She was an assistant of the main reporter of Hillside Daily, the same reporter Dakota was hired for to photograph his stories. The two girls shared a desk space and worked side by side every day.

“So what do you do for fun when you’re not working?” Dakota was wondering, trying to get to know her new coworker a little better.

“I don’t know. I read a lot. Go to the movies sometimes. I don’t really know a lot of people here. I moved here after collage from Sunset Valley few months ago.”

“Well, that’s something we have in common. I moved here from Sierra. Do you like it here?”

“Yea. Hillside is nice. How about you?”

“I love it. I was sick of the sand in Sierra.”

“Is that why you moved here? Because of sand?” Nora asked suspiciously.

“Not exactly. I kinda run away from my abusing, cheating fiance.”

“Fiance, huh? You seem a little too young for a marriage.”

“I know that now, trust me. Do you have a boyfriend, Nora?

“No. I’m single.”

“Nora!” Marc Snider roared from his office, “where are the tapes ?”

“I gotta go.”

Dakota was glad she met a girl in a similar situation. She missed her friends Martha and Kyra so much. Especially Martha. She was like her sister.

Dakota sent her a couple of text messages so she wouldn’t worry and in each one of them, she promised, she will call her as soon as things calm down.

Things were finally looking good for her. She had a nice place to live, good job and she’s making new friends.

“Dakota, oh my God! Where are you?!”

“I’m in Hillside.”

“Hillside? Isn’t that like on the other side of the country? What are you doing there?”

“I…” how is she going to tell her friend she’s not coming back, “I live here now, Martha.”

“What are you talking about?” Martha let out a nervous laugh, “you live here.”

“Not anymore. The nigh we were at the club with Kyra and I went home instead of Kyra’s house..”


“When I got home I found Dylan in bed with some girl so I left.”

Martha was quiet for a while and then sighed, “I knew it. He’s such a bastard. I knew it from the beginning he would do something like that.”

“I know, I know…Everyone told me he’s not who I thought he was. I just didn’t wanna see it, I guess.”

“I’m sorry Dakota….So you’re not coming back? Ever?”

“I’m not..I have a job and everything here. You have to come visit, Martha! Hillside is beautiful, so green.”

The girls chatted for three hours, catching up on each others lives. Turns out Kyra is still seeing the guy from the bar and Martha is starting college in September only two hours away from Hillside.

“I should go to bed. I have work tomorrow.”

“Ok. Call me again soon. I don’t want to loose contact with you, Dakota. I love you.”

“I love you too. I miss you… I’ll call you next week, same time. Deal?”


“Oh and one more thing.” Dakota hesitated, “can you let my parents know what’s up? I’d do it myself but I don’t want to hear it.”

“Of course I will.”

She didn’t want to loose her friendship because she moved away. She planned on keeping her promise and call her at least once a week. Martha was too important to her to let the distance stand between them…


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