Chapter 4.01, Generation 4

Chapter 4.01

Dakota was eating breakfast when her mother joined her at the table with a cup of coffee.

“Do you want talk about what you told us last night?” Hailey started.

“Nope, nothing to talk about.”

“What do you plan on doing, Dakota. You can’t expect me and your father to just give you our blessing. You’re seventeen years old.”


“I hope you know you’re not gonna see a dime from us if you do this.”

Dakota scoffed, “I don’t need your filthy money, mother. I have saved thousands of dollars from your generous allowance. You trying to buy my love my whole life is finally gonna come to a use. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready. I’m meeting my fiance at the beach.”

“What did your parents say?” Dylan asked as soon as they sat down on the picnic blanket.

“What I expected. Don’t do it. You’re too young. We won’t give you any money. Blah, blah, blah.”

“They won’t give us anything? So how are we gonna get a place?”

“Don’t worry, I have plenty of money saved. Plus the Audi is on my name, we can sell it and get something cheaper.”

“Good, because like I said. I’ve got nothing.”

“We’ll be fine for a while and after we graduate we will find jobs. Maybe you could even get a part time job now.”

“I would, but I really want to focus on school right now. You know, graduation and all.”

“Yea, I get it.”

Dakota stood up, “So I was looking at the web last night and we have a few showings this afternoon. Wanna go check them out?”

“Let’s do it.”

They were looking at apartments all afternoon and they had one more to see.

It wasn’t the best part of the city but so far all the places they saw were not affordable. They would be able to afford this place for a few months from Dakota’s savings.

The real estate agent lead them inside. It wasn’t the most pleasant smell inside of the building but Dakota wasn’t giving up hope. They walked two flights of stairs and reached a small apartment.

“So here is the kitchen-dining room-living room combination. The bedroom is through that door and the bathroom is behind me,” the agent gave them a quick tour without taking a single step.

Dakota and Dylan walked through the tiny space quietly. It wasn’t what Dakota was hoping for and far from what she was used to but at least it was clean.

“What do you think?” Dakota asked Dylan when they were in the bedroom alone.

“I love it. It’s a cool place. You?”

“I don’t know. It’s not the safest neighborhood.”

“Come on, don’t be such a rich girl. It’s fine. It will be our place. Just us, baby.”

Dakota nodded and walked back to the living room area.

“What do you guys think?”

“Do you think there is a way we’ll find a better place than this?” Dakota asked the agent, hoping for a positive answer.

“In your price range? No. Plus this place comes furnished so you don’t have to worry about buying new furniture. You just move in. It’s a good start.”

“Ok then. We’ll take it. Can you wait a week so my boyfriend can sign the lease?”

“That should not be a problem.” the woman smiled at her.

Dylan’s birthday came quickly and the very next day, he signed a lease and Dakota paid the deposit on the apartment they picked together. Dakota was packed for days. All she was bringing with her was clothes and a few personal things.

It was finally time she moved out and started to live her life.

“I can’t believe we did it. We really live together now. This is our place,” she was beyond excited.

“I know, isn’t that amazing? Imagine the parties we’ll have here. We can put a foosball table behind the couch, maybe even a dart board. The guys are gonna love it.”

“Yea, yea,” Dakota said a little confused and released her hands from his, “I’m gonna go make us some dinner.”

She wasn’t the best cook, but she was determined to learn. She will be a married woman soon, it would be a shame if she couldn’t make a dinner for her husband and eventually, their kids.

“The guys are on their way, we’re gonna play some video games on my new TV.”

“Tonight? But we just moved in.”

“That’s the best part on getting a place that’s furnished, we don’t have to do anything.”

Dakota finished her dinner and washed the dishes.

That’s not how she imagined their first night in their new place…

She at least hang up some pictures to make it look more homey.

Tomorrow will be better…



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