Chapter 2.11, Generation 2

Chapter 2.11

“Mom,” Becca hugged her mother,”thank you for coming. This one is about to come out and we still didn’t find a reliable nanny.”

“Hi honey, I’m happy to help. Let me see you, you’re glowing.”

“Look at me, I’m huge,” Becca laughed,”we’re having a little pool party, do you have your bathing suit?”

“Oh no, I’m all set. I’ll sit here with the little ones, keep an eye on them. You go, have fun.”

Adeline walked to the TV area and sat on the chair. “who is this here?” she asked her grandson.

“This is Julie, she lives right next door. Her dad is a famous actor like mom.” Cameron explained.

“Oh look, that’s him!” he pointed at the TV excitingly. “That’s him in the TV!”

After everybody left Cam came back to the living room where his grandma was still sitting.

“Mommy has a baby in her stomach,” he started.

“I know, you are going to be a big brother soon.” she nodded.

“How did the baby get there, grandma? Was I in her stomach too?” Cameron asked curiously.

“Yes, you were. And your mommy was in my stomach a long time ago.”

“I don’t get it.” the little boy threw his arms in the air frustrated.

“Why don’t you get ready for bed and I will read you a book that explains everything, hm?”


“Did you know you were put in mommy’s stomach where you grew into a baby?” Cameron asked his older sister while they were eating breakfast.

“Oh ya? Who put me there?”

“Mommy and daddy.”

“Really? How?” Carissa faked interest finding it very funny how clueless her little brother was.

“Ok, that’s enough,” Dale walked into the kitchen and cut Carissa’s fun short, “time for school, buddy. Go get dressed.”


Caitlin was born on Cameron’s birthday which didn’t make him very happy. Adeline stayed a couple weeks after her birth to help Becca and Dale with the kids since they had a hard time finding a nanny they could trust with their newborn. It was great to have her mother around for a longer period of time. She missed her parents so much and she knew they missed her as well. She understood that now when she had kids herself and her oldest daughter Carissa was about to leave for a boarding school.

Carissa loved music more than anything and she really wanted to be a singer. She practiced piano every day. Unfortunately the best music school was far away and she didn’t want to wait til college to start following her dream.

“That is beautiful, Carie,” Dale said after a while of listening her play, “you’re gonna blow their minds in Bridgeport.”

Carissa stopped and turned around, “dad, there will be so many talented kids.”

“I know,” he walked over to the piano and sat next to his daughter, “but you’re the best.”

“Thanks, dad,” she smiled, “wanna play with me?”

Dale played piano himself and taught Carissa when she was little. She is now way better than him but they still play together once in a while for old times sake.

Becca always loved watching them together. She was very lucky to find a man who took her daughter for his own and not once mention it or hold it against her.


Carissa’s boyfriend came to say goodbye to her the day before she left for boarding school.

They spent the day by the pool as they have so many times before but this was different. They both knew they wont see each other for almost a year and that’s a very long time in fifteen years old eyes.

“It’s really cool that you’ll be in Bridgeport all on your own, without your parents.”

“Yea, but I’m sure it will be hard too. Plus I will miss you. All three of you.”

These two were hanging out together since they were six years old. They met in kindergarten and their fantastic four, as they called themselves, was based on a true friendship and love. Roy’s twin brother Tom was still dating Carissa’s best friend Sarah and they spent all their free time together.

“We will miss you too, but you’ll make new friends. And I promise I will wait for you. I love you, Carrie.”

Right after the door clicked behind Roy, Carissa ran to find her mom.

“Mom, Roy told me he loved me for the first time!”

“Oh honey, that’s so cute. I am so happy for you.” Becca hugged her daughter.

Because Becca had Carissa so young, they were like best friends.

“You are not doing anything…you know…inappropriate, right?” Becca asked.


“Sorry, sorry, just checking. I know you are a smart girl.”

“Ok, I’m going to finish packing.”

“Hold on a second,” Becca stopped her, “I have something for you. A going away gift.”

Carissa opened the box and found a beautiful necklace with a little microphone charm.

“Thank you, mom. That’s so pretty,” she said and hugged her mother.

“For my future superstar.” Becca kissed her forehead, “turn around, I’ll put it on you.”


A/N: As much as I love all characters from the beginning of my story, I recommend you start with generation four here since I didn’t have enough photos and experience with writing when I started this story. I plan on updating these chapters eventually 🙂


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